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    July 31, 2017 | News
  • Silo cleaning is a maintenance job that calls for special cleaning techniques. Whether a silo holds flour, grains, coffee, fly ash, or even bulk cement, eventually it will need to be cleaned.

    Periodic silo cleaning is necessary to:

    1. Remove the buildup of old residue inside a silo that reduces the volume of new product the filled silo will hold. In all silos, cleaning removes old product residue which in turn helps maintain the freshness of newly introduced product.
    2. In food product silos, cleaning controls fungal, bacterial, insect growth, and other sources of contaminants.
    3. Allow for inspection of the silo to determine areas that need repair and the overall condition of the structure. A coating system that is failing, or a water leak in the silo, is often undetectable when covered by product buildup. 
    4. Wall and cone buildup of product inside the silo impedes the proper flow of the product to the auger or pneumatic conveyance system. This increases the likely hood of  silo "bridging". Cleaning the interior of a silo is not an easy job. These structures can be up to 200 feet tall and 90 feet in diameter. Because it is a confined space, cleaning a silo is a challenge that requires special training and techniques to enter. In food product silos, confined space entry must also incorporate GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) procedures and guidelines.

    Khemsoft Provides Various Silo Cleaning Solutions

    Every project is different. With literally scores of materials from cement to coal to chemicals to grain being stored in bulk storage facilities around the world, no two silo cleaning projects are the same. The same is true for many of the other services which we provide.

    Dry Ice Blasting is a Completely Dry Cleaning Method for Silo Cleaning - The advantages of dry ice blast cleaning food silos instead of pressure washing:

    • Mold growth is inhibited because no  water is used
    • Silo surfaces are decontaminated
    • No secondary waste stream
    • Silo residues can be removed by our vacuum truck

    Sonic Blast Silo Cleaning - Air-driven and high energy, Khemsoft's sonic horn employs acoustic cleaning principles through the use of sound waves to shake loose particulate material. This approach effectively dislodges particulate matter from each silo.

    Remove buildup, recover lost material, maximize flow and get back lost storage capacity in your silos.



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