• Electrostatic Disinfection

  • Khemsoft is offering Electrostatic Disinfection services in Kentucky using a CDC approved chemical to kill COVID-19.

  • Electrostatic vs Fogging

  • Electrostatic Spraying Systems air-assisted sprayers produce spray droplets 900 times smaller than those produced by conventional sprayers. The tiny droplets are given an electrical charge that causes a natural force between the spray droplets and a target surface. Most surfaces are either negative or neutral.

  • When liquids are charged electrostatically, a positive charge is added to each droplet as it propels through the sprayer. Like magnets, these droplets are attracted to surfaces - which typically carry a negative charge - and spread out uniformly along that surface.

    This sanitization line is the ideal solution for bio-security, fighting Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), MRSA, E. Coli, salmonella, swine flu, C. Diff, H1N1, and various other bacteria and viruses.

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