• Hydroblasting

  • Hydroblasting (aka water blasting) is a productive and cost effective cleaning and surface preparation technique that uses high pressure water to remove surface residue, debris, oxidation, and scale deposits. It extends equipment life, improves process efficiency, and reduces fuel consumption resulting in lower overall operating costs for our clients. Hydroblasting is by far the most common industrial cleaning application and it can be applied to virtually every process configuration to efficiently remove foulants and other built-up materials.

    Stack Cleaning with Hydroblasting

    It’s important to ensure that your facility’s industrial chimneys & smokestacks are in good condition and proper working order. If these structures aren’t working as they should, they can cause hazards to health and safety, as well as environmental concerns. Utilizing the power of hydroblasting, Khemsoft can reduce plant downtime and minimize the use of chemicals and solvents for industrial cleaning challenges.

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