• Khemsoft’s New Supersucker Vacuum Truck

    August 29, 2016 | News
  • A vacuum truck is an industrial cleanup necessity. Because Khemsoft is a premier industrial and specialty cleaning company, we have invested in a top-of-the-line vacuum truck. We utilize a Supersucker vacuum truck for removal of wet and dry material. Our Supersucker vacuum truck is perfect for a wide variety of industrial, environmental and agricultural cleaning projects, our single-mode, truck-mounted vacuum loader offers high power suction to pneumatically convey solids, liquids, sludges or slurries through lines 8" in diameter and smaller.

    Vacuum loading can be used in a wide range of industries. We are equipped to handle virtually any industrial vacuuming application, including:

    Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, drilling locations and production facilities, catalyst transfer and removal, cleaning sludge from storage tanks, abrasive removal after sandblasting, and waste sump cleaning.

    • Coal Fired Power Generating Stations: Removing fly ash, bottom ash sludge, bag house cleaning, with complete outage services.
    • Oil spill cleanup.
    • Other Industries: Paper mills, food processing, cement plants, water and sewage treatment plants and chemical plants.

    Our Supersucker vacuum truck features the latest technological developments. Extremely efficient filtration systems, which can remove particles down to one micron in size, give quick, clean and thorough results and the speed and effectiveness of our service can actually cut the cost of cleanup. Khemsoft has the experience and equipment to handle your job!

    Located in Mount Sterling, KY, we will be providing vacuum truck services in Kentucky. This includes the Lexington, Louisville, Morehead, Ashland, Georgetown and Richmond. Our vacuum truck service has the capability to extend beyond Kentucky into Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia.

    Our service is built on providing a top vacuum truck operated by highly trained technicians.

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