• 24/7 Emergency Industrial Cleanup Service

    September 13, 2016 | News
  • Khemsoft understands what happens when your tanks and underground storage systems start to overflow — your business suffers. To prevent that from happening, Khemsoft has experienced professionals that can provide your business with both scheduled and 24 hour emergency, state-of-the-art vacuum truck services. Vacuum Trucks are the workhorses of the environmental emergency response, industrial services and waste transportation and disposal industry.

    Requests for responses, cleanup, and management of unexpected material spills in Kentucky are received 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All phone calls are answered and managed by a live person. Our experienced team at Khemsoft, armed with containment/collection equipment and monitoring instruments, responds within 24 hours to contain spills. Safety is of utmost importance in taking command of the situation.

    Khemsoft provides emergency cleanup services for highway, railway, waterway, airway, and fixed- facilities.

    • Non-Hazardous / Liquid, Solid, and Sludge Material
    • Transportation-Related spills
      • Pipeline
      • Roadway
      • Rail
      • Waterway
      • Air
    • Manufacturing
      • Mechanical failures
      • Over Filling
      • Rail and Silo Loading / unloading
    • Petroleum Releases at Gas Stations and Bulk tank farms
    • Spills from Drums and Totes
    • Fire Responses
      • Containment ponds for water management and / or chemical & product releases
    • Natural Disasters – debris, chemical, soils, food related spoils (refer systems, etc.)

    Many clients take advantage of Khemsoft’s exclusive service contracts to maintain their sumps and clarifiers. These services save your business money and ensure regulatory compliance. Khemsoft supports many industrial clients and reclaims thousands of gallons of wastewater every year. Let Khemsoft recommend a schedule that keeps you and your business moving forward.

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